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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Seven Deadly Sins; Should They be Revised to Suit the Times?








Times change; and language follows suit. As a Non-Catholic Irish person; I realize I am a walking contradiction, but I ask, is there grey area? If we teach our children one thing, but tell them to be inspired by another, it may be a bit confusing; and rather uninspiring.

As a God-fearing woman; I proceed by questioning the loose verbiage, of the seven sins and if they have actually been the cause of death to anyone, or are they simply Old Testament rigmarole?

Pride and vanity can be confused with self confidence and esteem. And in a world that can break even an angel’s spirit, shouldn’t we take a little ego boost when we have the opportunity? Flattery accepted is neither narcissism nor arrogance.

Envy; could it be misconstrued for admiration? After all, we worship our role models; many we only know from the pages of the ‘good-book’ itself. We all need to see something or someone when we look up.

Gluttony; has it ever been mistaken for well-deserved indulgence, or reward?

Greed and avarice; or hunger and drive for happiness and/ or success?

Lust; or the start of love fueled by the hearts passion? In the Greek culture, when a man dies, rather than remiss via eulogy, they simply ask, “did he have passion?” truly a crucial variable one is not typically condemned for.

Sloth or much needed rest? Or should we be expected to use our being until we become useless to everyone, ourselves included?

Wrath and anger; dare I ask, why? Could it be justified? Certainly, there may be suitably appropriate circumstances that call for anger, even vindication. What if it was your child they found savagely murdered on the riverbank? The old-testament says “an eye for an eye; and a tooth for a tooth” so why not follow the antiquity of this written word too? Because it is old? Obviously I am not sanctioning vigilantism, just pointing out the satire.

As a person of extravagant excess and even compulsion at times, I still do understand, and respect the concept of ‘everything in moderation’. But life is not black and white, or brimstone and fire. Maybe it used to be, but not anymore. The world is shades of grey, with outlines of electric blue mixed with the reds of irreversible anguish. So again I ask, are the seven deadly sins open for modern-day interpretation? It is certainly worth a thought. We are responsible for our own actions; Wiggle-room, misinterpretations, shades of grey, vibrant tones of human-truth and all. I am not a lawless or God-less woman; but according to the structure of a certain highly-publicized-and-corrupt organization; I am a sinner. But that’s okay with me because I am a self-professed benevolent Christian woman, with Christian convictions. I’m certain I’m going to heaven when I die; and I may have some explaining to do when I get there; I just don’t believe it will be in regards to the seven deadly sins. After all, freedom of religion is one of our 1st amendment rights, and that is a chronological kitten in comparison. So, can somebody give me an “Amen?”

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